Disappointed by Religion

Are you dealing with disappointment in the the area of religion? Have you had a negative experience in your life as you have tried to mature your spiritual walk? If you have, you are not alone. Millions of believers have had the same struggles and frustrations and are fed-up with the current Landscape of religion in America today.

My personal story and frustration has centered around the infighting and
bickering within Protestant groups. We seem to find more issues and distinctives that
divide us, when we should be looking towards the one thing that unites us. The cross of
Jesus Christ.

The other growing problem is the mounting pile of Believers who have been
wounded by religion. They have either been hurt by an individual in their world of faith or
by a group/denomination that has let them down in some way. These injured believers
have lost confidence in the possibility of being involved in Christian community again.
When this happens they tend to avoid group involvement and have a “go it alone”
mentality toward faith.

Sadly, this can cause isolation and gives that believer an opportunity to write off
Christian community altogether. What is so frustrating for me is this person is not writing
off God, just the followers of God. But you can see that the results are still the same.
Disappointment with Christian community can lead to believers walking away from
Church, faith and sadly, maybe even God too if they are alone in the desert for too long
a period of time.

That is why I wrote a book for those among us who have walked away from
church. It wasnʼt long ago that I walked away from community and had to “go it alone”
for a short period of time. I worked my way back to community and now have
reconnected with a faith family. I have found the joy once again in Christian community
and hope that my book, “A Simpler Faith”, can help those of you who might be dis-
connected and discouraged about Church.