The Road Littered with Dead Faith

Pg 41- Chapter 3- “There’s a road leading away from church that’s littered with dead faith. And it’s not the road that did the killing”.

Comment- It is sad how a lot of the hurt that happens is actually from within the walls of the church. Believer to believer or leader towards congregate. People are always at the heart of the pain. I meet every week with someone who has to process the hurt and work to reconnect with community.

Denominational Ridiculousness

Excerpt from “A Simpler Faith”

Pg 18-Forward- “The church is at its most ridiculous when denominations try to prove themselves more right than others.”

I tried to point out in the book just how foolish we can look when we spend our time bickering and fighting instead of reaching out and supporting each other across denominational lines. The onlooking world see’s disfunction instead of Christ-like love. That is our bad.

Heartbroken For The De-Churched!

Excerpt from “A Simpler Faith”

Pg 17-Forward- “If you’re one of the de-churched people I’m referring to, I hope this book brings you some comfort. I trust , too, that it rekindles hope in you for returning to a faith community.

This is the main reason I wrote the book. My heart was breaking for those who have been disappointed by a faith community. My prayers have always been for believers to return to community in spite of any negative experience they might have had. I hope they can return to the place of comfort, the foot of the cross.