Spiritual Superiority is an Ugly Bi-Product

A quote from the book that speaks to what early believers were wanting and doing to live out their spiritual walk. How would you describe what their walk consisted of?

Pg 104-Chapter 13- “There were no hoops for these people to jump through. There were no leaders to please, no rituals to observe. (If anything, rituals were bypassed.) It’s a way we need to return to. And our children need it, too. We all need the simpler way of Christ”.

Spiritual Superiority is an ugly bi-product of the current system under the banner of Protestantism. This is the major theme of “A Simpler Faith” and what brought me to write the book. It is not enough that we have the cross of Jesus Christ as our bedrock. We need to show “other groups” how we are closer to God’s true design for his church. We need to be more right then anyone else.