A Simpler Faith

Welcome to A Simpler Faith…..

Are you planning to leave your church?  Maybe you’d like to but you feel stuck.  You’re not alone—millions of people, especially men, are fleeing their churches or mentally checking out.

What would happen if you found a church where love and support for one another was more important than the way communion was served or if the service was liturgical or Charismatic?

A Simpler Faith can help you find a way back…

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6 thoughts on “A Simpler Faith

  1. Ed, I am so amazed how God is using you in the lives of myself and other men! I look foward to reading your book. Great Job. Glen

  2. Creatively written from the heart! Joe’s Eastcoast roots add the character needed to say what others are feeling but are ashamed to openly express. Thank you for shaing your pain and joy through this gift. Men will have a better understanding of themselves and wive’s a better understanding of the challenges men have with their faith.

    • Hey buddy, great to hear from you. Give me a call on my cell. I would love to catch up. (720)209-4809

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