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A Simpler Faith: hope for those who struggle with church

By Ed Galisewski

“Pastors, this is not a feel-good book. This is not a doctrinal treatise. This is a distress letter from Joe Public, asking hard questions from the pew. What are the essentials of faith, and do we hold to those essentials at the expense of the Unity of the Body? Prepare yourself. You will not
agree with everything. You will be challenged by much of it. But you will be compelled to hear what our loved ones in the pew are saying.”

Skip Rice, Director of Development/Morning Host,
Power and Light Radio, KTLF-Light Praise

“Ed has lived in the trenches with people who have become injured or disillusioned with professional religion. He calls everyone to return to the heart of faith which was the part of ourspiritual lives that resonated in the first place. A Simpler Faith will make you laugh, cry, and
long for renewal.”

—Brian Boone, Senior Pastor, Edmonds, WA

“Ed Galisweski helps us see how we’ve overcomplicated something that should be simple and pure—our faith journey. With a call to focus on   believer’s back to God, Ed’s “view from the pew” is funny and also seriously committed to helping the reader reconnect and simply focus
on God and His promises and goodness.”

—Wayne Hastings, The Wayne Hastings Company,LLC

“Ed Galisewski has written a book that reflects the cry of his heart. He longs for Christians who’ve been damaged in churches to find healing and a way back to their God who is their Creator, Savior and Guide. Lamenting the fact that the Church is too divided, too denominationally arrogant, too much caught up in the ‘Us vs. Them’ wars, Ed calls for
Christians to humble themselves (especially Pastors) and come together around the cross. He wants Christians of all walks to celebrate what we have in common and live respectfully and humbly together where we differ. This way we can demonstrate the love of Christ to each other
and to a world much in need of God’s grace. A Simpler Faith will be a welcome encouragement to people who find themselves, for whatever reason, estranged from their church, angry at God, and not sure how to heal.”

—Rev. Duane Cory, Sr. Pastor, Deer Creek Church

“Something’s missing, but I don’t know what it is! That’s the nagging question that many believers have deep in their souls. Their faith is real, they want to grow but somehow feel a sense of flatness regarding their local church. Often these believers know something is missing
but find it difficult to even verbalize the questions. Ed Galisewski in his book, Simple Faith, gives voice to the questions that will resonate with those serious about their journey of faith and looking for something more”

— Harv Powers, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist –
Leadership Consultant

“A Simpler Faith – Leader’s Guide is a compassionate next step for those who have read Ed Galisewski’s book, A Simpler Faith. Identifying and healing from the wounds related to spiritual damage is not a small task. This leaders guide is designed to assist facilitators in identifying,
validating, and healing this very kind of wound in those they are mentoring. The guide has the flexibility to be used individually or in a small group setting. It is a great companion tool in
the redemptive process.”

—Harv Powers, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist – Leadership

“As a family therapist for over three decades I have observed a couple of disturbing trends. More and more people who love God are telling me they can’t stand going to church, so they don’t. Things like church politics, internal conflicts, hypocrisy, and religiosity have driven them
away. Maybe worse yet, there seems to be an epidemic of young people who are completely disinterested in the faith their parents have presented to them for the same set of reasons. Church isn’t satisfying their need for a real living faith, and their parents’ brand of spiritual experience just seems like “doing church.” There is a growing problem with “church.” Someone has said, ‘I’m ok with Jesus…it’s just His ‘wife’ I can’t stand!’

“My friend, Ed Galisewski pretty much hits the nail on the head when he describes the ‘man made add-ons’ that infect nearly every established church group. In A Simpler Faith he suggests that it is possible to keep these infectious human systems from becoming tools that the enemy
uses to divert God’s wonderful intention for the function of the Body of Christ. Ed suggests a simple standard to which all churches ought to consider as their core. When we stick to the absolute basics we are empowered to be our real selves, encouraging others to discover God’s
love and mercy, and church becomes a safe place for worship, healing, giving and receiving all that the Lord has for His people!”

—Randy Northrup, Ph.D., Marital and Family Therapist,
Pasadena, California

“I so appreciate Ed’s candor, directness and vulnerability in taking on this subject! He says what needs to be said and provokes healthy thought. This book will causes us to take a look at our current state of worship in an honest and sincere way.”

—Paul Meriweather, CEO, PurpleNewt.Com